As one of our key strategies, KITSS Staffing Solutions focuses on the placement of high-tech professionals. This brings us the distinction of being one of the most in-demand search firms in SILICON Valley. Our client roster includes some of the biggest players in the high-tech community, allowing KITSS the opportunity to engage with company founders to provide staffing to fledgling companies in start-up stage mode. For a start-up, finding a good firm that provides Organizational Design and Development, and high-tech staffing expertise is essential to getting the company off the ground.

Our ability to design and implement programs that evolve with our clients changing staffing needs and to play a key consulting role in hiring strategies, has resulted in long-term relationships that last well beyond the first round of executives. KITSS has a staff of over 12 professional technical recruiters, allowing us to quickly provide our clients with the very best talent available.

Our staffing experts can assist you in setting up your employment department, or upgrading an existing one. By utilizing a few simple rules, KITSS insures the perfect workforce solutions:

  1. In depth communication with Candidates.
    KITSS recruiters are adept at listening closely to our clients, probing for greater insight in order to develop a comprehensive Career Opportunity Profile, a plan of action vs. just a job listing.
  2. Thinking outside the box.
    While the Internet and online job boards are good tools for identifying candidates, KITSS goes beyond the Internet to include personal relationships with both candidates and companies, past and present. Maintaining these relationships is key, as sometimes the best candidates are not actively searching for new career opportunities. This approach also allows KITSS to keep in touch with the most highly qualified and compatible candidates.
  3. Look beyond the resume.
    A candidate is a person first, and the key to matching the right candidate with the right position lies in finding the right mix of core jobs skills, personality and then something else: an intangible combination of hopes, dreams, fears and goals that compliment the culture and attitude of the organization. Thats why the best KITSS recruiters utilize an array of skills to truly understand the individual and develop a thorough Candidate Opportunity Profile that defines their goals and the assets they can offer a client.
  4. Quantity vs. Quality.
    Interviewing a large group of mostly unqualified candidates is not only costly and time consuming for our client it is also maddening and demoralizing for candidates. That is why the best KITSS recruiters confidently present only the most qualified, perfectly suited candidates for consideration.
  5. KITSS focused approach to recruiting.
    When candidates are presented, the job of the KITSS recruiter isn’t over. From compatibility assessments to scheduling and monitoring interviews to negotiating the final offer, KITSS recruiters focus on the entire process and keep it on track.