KITSS, the “World Citizen”


– At KITSS, our Not-for-Profit and Charitable works focus on development in Africa that impact women and young girls. As a Woman owned business that is passionate about empowering and improving the lives of girls and women, we are focusing our energies and charitable resources in the following areas.

– TAWRAN Foundation – “Teach. A. Woman. Reach. A. Nation “
The Mission of our Foundation is to help young African girls, develop a passion for creativity, critical thinking as well as science and technology within an Afrocentric framework. We are developing future leaders who will serve as positive role models and contributors to their local communities. We believe that women and girls are the first influencers and teachers to every child, and therefore to affect long term changes in a society, we must influence women to become leaders in” Excellence” within African societies
Through a series of sponsored, seminars, leadership skills training and workforce solutions, our foundation will expose and expand the minds and perspectives of future young African female entrepreneurs and leaders. Activities will focus on using new technologies and concepts to build intellectual capacity, access information and opportunities that will benefit directly the future female entrepreneur…

TAWRAN Agro-Business Market place.
Food security is loosely defined as “the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food to all”. This availability of food to all, mandates governments, individual investors and communities to engage in farming practices and food preservation that will ensure that food is accessible to the society at all times.. In Africa, particularly in the region referred to as Sub-Saharan, the prevailing agriculture systems are predominantly small-scale farming methods with more than 50% of the agricultural activity performed by women, who produce about 60-70% of the food in this region. While women provide the majority of the labor in agricultural production, their access and control over productive resources is greatly constrained due to inequalities constructed by patriarchal norms. TAWRAN Foundation is developing a scheme together with women farmers in the Volta region of Ghana, and in Southern Togo, to create an online market place where women involved in Agriculture can network and and build partnerships with other women in the diaspora for joint ventures, access to knowledge and capital, whilst diasporas interested in investing in Agricultural systems that involve women, can also meet and network with their African counterparts and develop mutually beneficial business relationship on our platform..
Our Free Agro-Business database stores names and contacts as well as other pertinent information about our Women farmers/Entrepreneurs and their products as well as goals and interest for the long term. The database will also serve us an online tool to facilitate the collection and parsing of African Agricultural journals and information from other African websites automatically…


If you are Interested in Investing in our Agricultural Projects that Involve women in Africa, Please consider registering for Free in our Database to get our updates and recommendations on our ongoing projects…

The TAWRAN A-10 A Think Tank for AFRICAN Women and by AFRICAN Women
Teach. A.Woman.Reach.A.Nation.
We are, a think tank devoted to the study of global African political and economic independence and integration. We aspire to contribute to the accumulation of knowledge and information that will ultimately help promote evidence-based policies and programs on the continent capable of driving sustainable and inclusive growth, for our people. Our activities will promote knowledge of the reality of Africa at various levels and our focused discussion will generate ideas that will be useful for politicians, public and private sector practitioners as well as the shaping of public opinion….