Health Care Staffing @ KITSS 

Hiring the right professional is critical in helping healthcare organizations embrace new technologies to meet regulatory compliance demands, accelerate innovation and improve the quality of patient care.  Our KITSS Healthcare staffing practice provides a specialized healthcare and IT Staffing solution that we tailor to the unique needs of each of our clients

Our knowledgeable and dedicated recruiters have extensive healthcare staffing experience and can give you immediate access to highly skilled, pre-evaluated consultants to help meet a pressing need.

As a Software and IT staffing firm with over 20 year of experience,  we  have leveraged our  skills and experiences with access to innovative and  new technologies, which we deploy in Staffing as well as  the use of a  number of popular tools and practices to continue to  populate our  talent pool of Healthcare workers..

One such tool is social recruiting. Our Savvy recruiters use popular social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to connect with recruits. There are many benefits to this practice.  By nurturing our connections, we build a strong and deep network from which to pull new talent. These platforms also allow easier recruit targeting, such as posting to sites or accounts that healthcare and clinical workers frequent.

Closely tied to our social recruiting has been an emphasis on inbound recruiting. Inbound tactics draw talented applicants to your organization. This often requires several members of our recruiting team dedicated to building up a following, and constantly producing content and positive press for our client and a long-term nurturing of contacts.

KITSS Offers to our Healthcare client  a risk free, contingency based recruiting service..

Expect the following from us:

  • No up-front fees to tap into our expert recruiters and vast candidate database
  • Superb Customer Service, 24/7/365 from a dedicated Account Manager
  • An affiliate network of companies to tap to help find the best candidates
  • Innovative social media and database technology to reach the best candidates
  • A compliance department to verify credentials and minimize liabilities
  • Excellent HR Service Benefits for our temporary staff